Science, Innovation and efficiency

All our services are performed from start to finish by our own resource of professionals, which ensures traceability and quality control.

We offer confidence to our customers by specifying the appropriate electromechanical equipment and accessories applying an impartial and independent criterion, without the intervention of third parties, which ensures success in achieving the objectives required in each project.

Air Conditioning Systems

We combine thermal comfort with excellent indoor air quality, while maintaining low noise levels, ease of control and low operating costs of the designed systems. We study in detail which is the strategy that best suits the user's need to provide a practical solution regardless of the magnitude of the project. We have in our portfolio from simple systems of variable refrigerant volume to cold districts, ice banks, clean rooms, and operating rooms.

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Fire Suppression and Detection Systems

We approach projects using NFPA regulations to the full extent or the regulations that apply locally, achieving innovative and economical solutions in compliance with design codes. From basic hose cabinet systems to foam chamber suppression systems activated by optical flame detectors. We design to the right measure of what each particular application requires.

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Plumbing Systems

The application of engineering techniques to achieve savings in the use of drinking water, as well as the correct management of drainage water and its gases to avoid the risks of contamination, are mixed with the appropriate specification of equipment and materials to achieve safe operation.

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Process Fluid Systems

The continuity of production processes is vital, as well as the proper calculation of these systems and the correct specification of equipment and materials. We design thermal oil systems, solvents, plasticizers, compressed air, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, bunker, diesel, and ice water, to name a few process fluids.

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Electrical Power and Lighting Systems

We design systems of low initial cost, reliable in their operation and with flexibility for future changes or extensions, as well as insurance to protect the lives of the occupants of the buildings. Our photometry analyses are directly integrated with the architectural design of the building and its finishes, which quickly analyzes the interaction between lighting levels and surfaces. Our portfolio of consulting services includes medium and low voltage distribution systems, grounding and lightning protection systems, energy backup systems, photometry analysis, lighting controls, short circuit analysis, arc flash studies and protection coordination studies.

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Communication Technology Systems

This is one of the most dynamic consulting disciplines today, mainly due to the need of modern buildings to generate effective data transfer and processing and communications between systems and people. Structured cabling, CCTV, Audio and Video, BMS, intrusion and access control are part of our catalog of consulting products.

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Energy Simulation, Commissioning and Energy Audits

The design and construction of buildings, as well as the operation of existing buildings, are significantly favored by implementing these quality control processes. Among the advantages are the testing of different technologies during the design phase to forecast their impact on billing for energy use early, the verification of the actual performance of electromechanical systems before the building is delivered, and the discovery of improvement points in existing buildings that help optimize their energy consumption and thus improve their performance indicators. We have more than 400,000m2 of consulting in these three disciplines under the strictest quality standards.

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