Professional Certifications and Accreditations

As a complement to the expertise provided by years of experience in the execution of consulting tasks, to the processes of continuous training, and to our internal methodologies of quality control and updating, we believe that it is relevant that our professionals can be qualified by recognized international entities, whose certification or professional accreditation programs record the competence of the professional in the specific field..

We currently have the following list of professional certifications and accreditations among our staff, a catalog that is currently in a process of expansion and renewal:


The certification HFDP (Healthcare Facility Design Professional) by ASHRAE validates competence to incorporate standards and guidelines, as well as unique healthcare facility requirements and design principles into HVAC system design

Our related certifications/accreditations:


ASHRAE's BCxP (Building Commissioning Professional) certification program validates the competence to lead, plan, coordinate and manage a team of professionals to implement commissioning processes in new and existing buildings.

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ASHRAE's BEAP (Building Energy Assessment) certification, an ANSI-accredited personal certification program under ISO/IEC 17024 (#1139), validates competence to evaluate building electromechanical systems and site conditions; analyze and evaluate the use of equipment and energy; and recommend strategies to optimize the use of resources consumed by buildings.

Our related certifications/accreditations:


The purpose of NFPA's CFPS (Certified Fire Protection Specialist) program is to recognize, through certification, qualified professionals who are dedicated to reducing fire losses, both physically and financially, and who have also acquired a specific level of professionalism through applied work experiences and related educational opportunities, proven by passing a certification exam.

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ASPE's CPDT (Certified Plumbing Design Technician) program provides professional recognition to qualified individuals who design plumbing systems. Among the main objectives are the following: to provide a standard of professional competence in the practice of plumbing design, and to identify those individuals who successfully complete the certification exam, thus demonstrating the knowledge and skills acquired in the field of plumbing design.

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USGBC's LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professional) program offers an advanced professional credential that demonstrates expertise in green building design and construction, and in LEED certification programs.

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The CAPDEE program (Certification of Professional Update in Electrical Design of Buildings) of the CFIA, is a technical update system that allows to determine if a professional has followed a valid process that shows that he has the updated competencies for a professional practice in design and inspection of electrical installations, telecommunications, and others in buildings.

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The ATD (Accredited Tier Designer) program of the Uptime Institute, demonstrates that the professional has an in-depth view of the practical application of Tiers including common problems and misconceptions, both in mechanical systems and in electrical systems.

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